If you haven’t seen our post on facebook or twitter, we are changing the name and logo of Techtronica tomorrow! It’s exciting news and we want you, the reader to help us pick a great new name. Techtronica is a name that has served us well for years and we are sad to see it go. BUT! we also love positive change and giving Techtronica a new name will give us a new beginning! Below are some requirements for suggesting our new name.:


#1: Must be catchy

#2: We have to be able to get the domain name for it aka newname.com as an example

#3: You need to provide a new catch line for the new name.

#4: It must get more than 5 likes or favorites.

What are you waiting for? You’re about to be apart of something great! Post on our Facebook wall or Mention us with the new name and catchline with the hashtag #Techtronicaname. So get to it, we are counting on your!!!

-Techtronica Staff