Okay, It is fairly obvious that the way to go for computing these days is “To The Cloud.” but perhaps not everything is best suited for cloud operations. We have seen many blunders in Cloud based technology such as with SimCity’s DRM game play that upset global servers and most importantly turned off many loyal SimCity fans from even touching the game. Signs like this might be a good indicator to say “hey, not everything is meant for the cloud.” Unfortunately it hasn’t started with SimCity in the least. SimCity though has brought light to the subject, but as a Loyalist to SimCity I might be biased in saying the cloud gaming isn’t that bad except when you can’t connect to the Internet and then any hopes of saving your game goes down the drain. I did get my free game out of it all, but that is besides the point.

According to an article by PC Perspectives, AMD has launched or rather revealed a cloud based graphics/video card. My first thoughts on this is, well at least nVidia won’t be the only one. Most of you know nVidia released the plans for their cloud based handheld console using a cloud based graphics technology they were flashing last year at E3. The odd thing about this launch is, it is at GDC. AMD has never been one to release any consumer products at a non-consumer show, but being well warranted seen as this gpu has been a year in the waiting. The AMD Radeon 7990 showed off the Battlefield 4 HD demo which impressed many to say the least.

AMD Sky, that is the name of this new cloud based GPU technology. In PC Perspectives’ article they said there will be 3 AMD Radeon Sky GPUs, Sky 900, Sky 700, and you guessed it, the Sky 500. These are using dual AMD GPUs on the cards with the Sky 900 and 700 having 6GB of memory and the 500 having 4GB. To say the least, these cards should be like little monsters in your computer mastering any level of gaming you could throw at it. I do though, have my skepticism about these cloud based cards. For the simple fact that, what happens when you are not connected to the “cloud?” This would present many issues for gamers, especially if their Internet goes out. We will definitely see how these perform in the actual world environment when hidden variables make themselves known, and the true power or blunder of these cards are revealed. As an AMD fan from the start, I can only hope these are well performing cards and that they rebuild the name of cloud gaming that many games of recent have utterly ruined.