The Windows Store has lots of weather forecasting apps, but in my opinion, the Weather Channel is the most useful and comprehensive one. In fact, even though Windows 8 comes with the Bing weather app preinstalled, I recommend you install this app. You can delete the Bing app to save disk space, if you prefer. But here’s why I recommend this app over all.

The app includes all the basic elements that the preinstalled Bing Weather app has, so you won’t be missing out any features. The differences start with the user interface. The user interface is unique, cute, and can be preferable. However, I still think Bing Weather has the better UI. But the benefits of the Weather Channel app comes with extra features, like a live map that you can pan and zoom. The live map will show you the predicted movement of clouds, chills, and weather forecasts. You can see these forecasts on the map in real time or speed up the “reel”.

The Weather channel features video clips from its television programing that you can watch directly from the app if you are connected to the internet. The live tile is more informative than the Bing Weather app and has icons more in line with the Metro design guidelines. It also seems to have more location than does the Bing Weather app. For example, the weather app fails to find my location, which is Dunlap Illinois, and defaults to the nearest city, Peoria. The Weather Channel app seems to find Dunlap just fine.

Download: The Weather Channel