Ok, here’s a handy tool, just arrived in the Store. ShareTo: Other Sites allow you to feed your current URL to series of Web Services online for processing. How about feeding to a Translation Service or a Readability Service. The possibility is endless. Here you have the excerpts from the Store:

ShareTo: Other Device lets you open a URL in another URL. Examples for that are translation services where you can translate an entire web page by supplying it to Google Translate or Bing Translate. Similarly, sites like let you format web pages for better reading on tablets.

Simple integration with the Share Charm
Readability support (open and save)
Youtube Downloader support
Bing/Google translate support

Weird, the Dev decided to name themselves in Social Ebola, a nauseating name for such a useful tool. If you can handle their name without puking, you might as well get their other ShareTo Tools in the Store:


I can understand Microsoft rejecting an app because of obnoxiousness, but are they allowed to reject a Dev too for an obnoxious name? Social Ebola? Infectious, yeah I know, but not something you want to be associated with. Download their app now via de link below. If you can swallow the name.

Source: Windows Store