There have been rumors that Microsoft is working on its HealthVault product, well, the wait is over. Microsoft HealthVault debuts in the Store. With this app you have direct access to your Health Information. In times of calamity, such information comes in handy. You can easily share the information with the any doctor treating you at the moment. I still haven’t dived deep enough into the app to see the details, but I just want to break the news for you all as the application has just dropped.

Here is the details according to Microsoft from the Store:

HealthVault for Windows helps you take control of your health and keep your most important health information at your fingertips. Set health goals, track progress, and discover trends.

Track progress towards your health goals.
Manage your weight, track your exercise, steps, and diet.
Monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol.
View and edit details of your family’s most important health information.
Discover trends in your health and fitness.








So, there you go download the app and start tracking your health. I know I would. Download via the source link below.

Source: Windows Store