For those of you unfortunate enough to be tied to the ADs Platform called Google (Yes I’m not a Google fan) here is something to relieve your pain. Here is an awesome GMail App, fully implemented with Touch in Mind. It provides all GMail functionality within the confine of a Metro App. The Devs should be commended on this achievement. As you can see, 50 users have already gone before you since it was released two days ago, and they’ve given the App fully 5-Stars. So I guess you are in for luck. I can’t verify the app as I don’t have Google account, but I trust users reviews, and this have been positive generally.

Here is the Devs description from the Store:

Gmail  Touch is a mail client for Windows 8. View your inbox, compose messages, search your mail, and more!

View your inbox
Compose messages
Search your email






Sorry for being mean, but I am of the opinion if you’re gonna use Microsoft products, use Microsoft solution, if you are gonna use Google’s solutions, use Google’s products. A lot of frustrations we are seeing from reviewers are based on them reviewing MS solutions/products and failing to connect to their Google Solutions. I hope this wisdom will be of use to you, but then I am preaching here. Again, sorry about that.

Please download the App via the Source here below.

Source: Windows Store