Well, here is a blast from the past! Internet has spoilt us all, and some of us have forgotten what we used to do back then when there was no Internet. Believe me, some of us have lived in that timeframe where there was no Internet. You asked what did we do to communicate and keep ourselves entertained? We were Radio Amateurs, we send and receive radio signals to long distances to communicate and make new friends, the longer distance you bridged the better; and we listened to Police and Fire Department communications. We knew what was going on before the average Joe knows it. Those were good old times when you had to hunt for information :-). Now, we are overwhelmed with information via Internet, and it has totally wiped out this fantastic human invention from a golden era.

That is why I jumped for joy when I saw this app. Radio amateurs have obviously moved on from basic analog only rigs to digital receivers that are able to stream their signals to the internet. So now, the net is full of these amateurs streaming their receptions. You don’t have to have an expensive rig anymore to listen in to Police communication. I just love this app. I am listening to 10-24 right now in New York Binghamton/Tioga. This is awesome.

The app not only stream scanners, you can also listen to regular radio stations all around the world. Get the app while you can, its free of charge. Here is an excerpt from the Store:

5-0 Radio is a free, all-in-one digital radio and police scanner service that lets you listen to police, firefighter, ambulance, airport, railroad, music, comedy, talk, news, and sports radio stations.
Listen to your stations in the background while you use other apps
Share stations with your friends and family who can listen to them on their own devices
Search stations by music artists, location, name, genre, and songs playing
Save your favorite stations onto presets

Listen to your favorite radio stations including NYC’s Z100, Howard Stern, ESPN, Opie and Anthony, Alex Jones Infowars, idobi radio, 181.FM, and many more.
Tap into the largest collection of real-time police scanners streaming live from all around the world.
Chat with other listeners to talk about what you’re listening to
Get details about the song that you are listening to, such as lyrics
Decode local police codes while using the police scanner

Download now via the Source link below.

Source: Windows Store