SINES8X for Windows 8 Video Demo


We blogged earlier today about SNES8X emulator for Windows 8. This is an emulator of the super Nintendo from back in the day. Well, now, I found a neat little video that demos SNES8X pretty well as well as giving you a quick tutorial on how to load game ROMs on to the emulator. We hope you find this useful. If you have questions, please let us know.

How To Run SNES8X Microsoft Surface App and Play Games

Published on 27 Dec 2012

In this video I show you guys how to play super Nintendo games on your Microsoft surface, brought to you by Tedahwooga

Source: YouTube

3 thoughts on “SINES8X for Windows 8 Video Demo

  1. Men, I was laughing my ar@#se off of this video, you can tell the guys guy really really love his Device, and now that he can connect a controller and take a memory trip, yes, its techgasm. Awesome fine Naz!


    • Yea, that video was pretty funny. I couldn’t hold it either. The interesting this is that he was an apple fan/user until recently. He really started loving Windows 8 after he learned about the surface and tried out the device. He mentions this on an earlier impression video of the MS Surface. :)


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