OK everyone, here is to nostalgia. A trip down memory lane. ZX Spectrum Collection App is here to revive those good old times when computing was about fun and discovery. ZX Spectrum, a name synonymous with genius of Sir Sinclair in the 80’s. Read all about it in Wikipedia. 

Now that our mobile computing devices hold the power of Mainframe computers of then, we can now afford to have a computer in computer through the use Emulators. There have been several emulators now for Windows 8, and this ZX Spectrum emulator is another one of such. Here is full low-down from Hi-Score, the developers:

A collection of ZX Spectrum 80th games by hi-score:
Rocky (1985), West Bank (1986), Capitan Sevilla (1988)
Revive the nostalgic memories playing these classic games. Enjoy the emulation of the tape loading including its “tape loading error”.

ZX Spectrum emulator
Interactive tape loading emulation

LoL, they copied everything, including the famous Tape Errors :-). So what are you waiting for, this cost you nothing, so go right ahead and download via the source link below.

Source: Windows Store