The question through the ages have always been “How much goodies can you get for free?” As we all know, nothing goes for free in Life, right? There’s got to be a catch. But then, once in a while you come across exceptions to that rule. That, unlike Google products, still in this age some awesome things you can still get for free. This is the case with this App: Fotor!

The App comes packed with features you’ll expect in an expensive app. Just think of anything you want to do within a Photo-editing App, this app has got it. Please don’t believe me, just see for yourselves from this description from the Store and the subsequent Screenshots:

Fotor is the best all-in-one photo editing application!
Perfectly combine the windows 8 user experience with cutting-edge tools including Basic Editing Tools, Brilliant Visual Effects, Frames, 1-Tap Enhance, Collage, Text, Tilt Shift and Raw Converter, all bundled together in one powerful package!
What’s New:
New Home Page
Before we just had feature buttons on the home page, now it’s a collage of sample photos you can click to try out new features, or just play around when you don’t have a photo of your own to edit.
Undo and Redo
Don’t like that last edit?  Hit the Undo button just above the editing space.  Decided you like it after all?  There’s now a Redo button right next to it.
Improved responsiveness and functionality
We’ve changed some things under the hood to make Fotor for Windows 8 leaner and meaner.  You should notice an increase in functionality as well as a decrease in response time.
Multi-Touch Zoom
Now all you need is two fingers and you can zoom in or out with the multi-touch zoom capability.
Adjustable Collage Border
So, you want to make a collage with those 4 pictures, but you think 4 equally sized photos would be a little boring, right?  Have no fear!  You can now just drag the collage border to change the dimensions of any of the photos in the collage!
Enjoy the freedom to arrange your pictures however you want with three different modes of collage:  Template Collage, Photo Stitching and Shuffle Collage.
Add Text
Input plain text or choose a stylish text template, personalize your photos by adding your own commentary, thoughts and messages for others to see, or just add notes to help you remember.
Raw Converter
RAW converter with tone mapping supports over 100 camera RAW formats. Import the RAW files and Fotor will take care of the rest.
Powerful Editing
Fotor contains some of the most powerful and easy to use photography editing tools for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpen/blur, temperature, tint, cropping, flipping and rotation etc.
Effects & Frames
Stretch your creativity further with Fotor’s huge palette of Effects designed with input from experienced graphic designers and photographers. Fotor provides over 60 effects in various categories, including Classic, Lomo, B & W, Art and Vignettes, plus choose from 23 different styles of frames!
1-Tap Enhance
1-Tap Enhance quickly transforms “dull” or “bad” photos with a pixel by pixel enhancement, all with only one touch.  Analyzing brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure value, Fotor optimizes the source image to become an even more amazing photo!
Tilt Shift
Tilt Shift gives your images the depth-of-field and other visual effects normally seen only on professional grade DSLR cameras. Magically unleash your creative inspiration, while using a mix of clear focus and selective blurring to create magnificent photos.

Powerful Editing
Effects & Borders
1-Tap Enhance
Add Text









Well, they call this “The best all-in-one photo editing application!”, I think they’ve earned that title. The question then is why free for all this awesomeness? Well I don’t know, but I am glad its free, for now. I guess when they’ve garnered enough users, they’ll monetize. So, get this while you can. Download now from the Store via the source link below.

P.S.: I hope those detractors slamming Metro Apps are taking a look at such apps as this. That you can develop an All-Touch Apps for the Metro that is usable and makes sense. If a Dev sets his/her mind to it, they can achieve awesomeness as you’ve seen.

Source: Windows Store