Sim Trader is here to teach you how to Trade in the Stock Market. Trade with real market with virtual money! Be the Master of the Market. Learn the ins and outs of making money in the Stock Market, then go ahead and conquer the world with real money. For those that want to dip there toes into Stocks, this is the App to get. You don’t suffer any damages while learning. You will be dealing true stock market values, with real companies and stock options out there, the only thing is you are spending virtual money, so you monthly salary is safe. Once you’ve climbed the ladders of the Leaderboard, you know you are ready for the real-world stock options. Noticed the App is in Social Category of the Store? This is intentional as you have the power of Social Network behind you to build your knowledge. Learn from the best, share you experience or just troll what other are doing, assimilating there strategies.

What can I say, don’t listen to me, listen to the budding Warren Buffet in you. They should have title this app: “So you think you can Trade?”. Its an awesome app with lots of attention to details. Here is the full description from the Store:

Deal with a real stock market with virtual money allowing you to buy and sell real life stock quotes with a starting pot of $10,000!  This application will teach you how to trade and the risks associated with the Stock Market, and allows you to compete and communicate with other players on a global scale!
You can also purchase stock contracts, analyze market trends using interactive charts, and talk to thousands of users!
Featuring over 75,000 public companies, online leaderboards, achievements, global chat, live tile, and more!
Deal with an interface that gained recognition in Microsoft’s 2012 International App-a-thon, and in Intel’s AppUp Contest!

Over 75,000 Public Companies with Real Quotes!
Online Leaderboards!
Virtual Trading!
Graphs and Market News!
Fun Achievements!
Weekly Challenges!
Global Chatroom to discuss trading tactics!
Minimalistic and Easy to Use!
Dynamic Search!
Adaptive Live Tile!
Optimized for the Tablet and Desktop!
Optimized for all Screen Resolutions!
Shake to Refresh!
Thousands of Users!
Stock Contracts!
Adaptive Charts!
Share your Sim Trader Profile!
Get awesome Training!











So what more can you ask for as a budding Wall Street genius? Steve, download the App right away! You know who you are Smile. Download now via the Source link here below.

Source: Windows Store