Here is something to add to your Health Tools category. Simply called “Hearing Test”, this app does exactly what its name suggests, give you a feedback of the state of your hearing state. Have you been listening too hard to Metallica? You’d better checkout your auditory state and register early for hearing loss. The app keeps a record of your tests, you can create a profile for your family members, or if you’re running a Hearing Aid shop, create a profile for your customers. Here’s what JPSB SOFTWARE says about the app:

Check your hearing health with this audiometer.
Most of people uses headphones to listen to loud music too long, which can slowly damage their ears. Specially targeted to young people, this App comes to help all people to check, keep checked and also challenge users to keep their audition health.
You only need a headphones and two minutes.
Use it with your family and friends.

Aerial audiometry result





The Ear is one of the most neglected organ of the body, but now that we all walk around with a headphone permanently attached to our heads, it is no luxury to test your ears once in a while so as to know when to cut back on those deep bass to prevent early hearing loss. Get this app then, and keep up to date with your teenager kids hearing state if you’re a parent. Download now from the Store, it costs you nothing. Download via this following source link.

Source: Windows Store