For those of you that love Taptitude on Windows Phone, you can rejoice if you have a Windows 8 device, Taptitude is here for Windows 8!

The hit Windows Phone game has made it to the Windows Store, and it’s better than ever!  Taptitude is a fun and addictive collection of over 70 mini-games that are sure to test your skills. 
Try to collect all 370 stars, or compete online with realtime, weekly, and world leaderboards.  Earn coins along the way and buy upgrades to your favorite games!  Unlock Stat badges to track your achievements.   You can even learn recipes to craft and use rare items across each game.
With over 750,000 downloads on Windows Phone, there will always be someone to play with so join the fun!

Over 70 Games in 1
Cross-game Inventory
Rich Crafting System.
Realtime, Weekly, World Leaderboards
Hundreds of items to unlock

Unlock and play over 70 games as you progress through the Tiers.

Collect coins and loot to use across all games!

Feed and grow a fish tank to fund your upgrade purchases.

Download the App now from the Store via the source below.

Source: Windows Store