Wow, what a surprise! PopCap had just, unexpectedly, released an Xbox LIVE game, Bejeweled LIVE, for Windows 8! This game is a part of the ever-popular Bejeweled Series, which became an iconic casual game in the late 90’s and early 200’s. Bejeweled allowed PopCap to become very popular and allowed them to produce other exciting casual games that also became iconic, including Plants vs. Zombies. Despite that, Bejeweled was still loved by fans and was kept fresh with new sequels from PopCap. The game was released on the PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, and other portable devices. Today, Windows 8 joins the party.

Bejeweled is a match-three puzzle in which a player must move gems to make three gems of the same color sit consecutively in either vertical or horizontal direction. The game’s classic mode involves strategy and thinking; however, other modes include Zen mode, which allow a relaxed play, butterfly, which is a mix between strategy and action, timed mode, quest mode, and diamond mining mode. These mods adds significantly more excitement to it.

The Windows 8 version of Bejeweled only includes three modes, including classic, diamond mine, and butterfly. However, PopCap promises more modes to arrive soon. The Xbox LIVE integration isn’t available yet, but it, too, is also promised. We will get these updates soon, if God wills.


It’s high-carat Bejeweled gem-matching fun!

Discover all-new ways to match 3 gems in the world’s #1 puzzle game! You’ll enjoy the action in three breathtaking game modes: play Classic Bejeweled for cascades of puzzle fun, Diamond Mine for a jeweled gem-blasting challenge, or save Butterflies from a hungry spider. Collect flashy achievement badges as your gem matching soars to dazzling new heights! The new Bejeweled for Windows 8 is ideal for kids, the family and anyone who enjoys games bursting with match-3 puzzle fun.

COMING SOON: Updated version with XBOX LIVE functionality!


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  • CLASSIC GEM-MATCHING FUN – Play the most popular puzzle game of the century with a mode for every mood.
  • DIG INTO DIAMOND MINE – Blast gems to collect gold, diamonds and buried artifacts before the clock runs out.
  • SAVE THE BUTTERFLIES! – Match gems to free the butterflies before they move up the board where a hungry spider awaits.
  • CREATE 4 SPECIAL GEMS – Create electrifying special gems like Flame gems, Star gems, Hypercubes and Supernova gems.
  • MORE COOL FEATURES – Ultra-Smooth Action — Make multiple matches while new gems fall into place.
  • Hints on Demand — Can’t quite spot the next gem match? Use the “Hint” button for a quick tip.
  • Stats Galore — Gloat over your Bejeweled game scores for total matched gems, all-time best moves and top 10 personal bests in Classic and Diamond Mine!

[Update] PopCap has pulled this game from the Windows Store. We believe PopCap had accidentally released this game too early. It will likely return to the Windows Store, but we can’t tell when that will be. If you were lucky enough to grab the game before it got pulled, let us know your experiences via comment. I personally played it and think it is fun but has some bugs and requires polish. We will let you know as soon as this game is back up, God willing. :-)

Download now: Bejeweled LIVE