Now, here is a Gem from the Windows Store, a nicely designed app, dedicated to your Windows Phone app discoverability. You might not think this is a big deal, but it is, since you can only surf Windows Phone Store via the Web Browser. Microsoft attempted to highlight Windows Phone Apps is their Sync App, but that is a limited feature, the moment you want more, you’re dropped into the Browser. The Markteplace on Windows Phone itself doesn’t lend itself to discoverability on such a small screen, and as you know, nothing says “Click Me” better like a App-logos on the glorious panorama of a Metro App. So, here it is. Beautifully crafted by CiunKos. This App gives you ability to browse by Category and zero in on Best Rated Apps. You can also easily find New and Up-and-Coming hero apps. You are greeted by starting the App with the Spotlight page shown above, in which the best apps in the Store are showcased.

Here is quoting the Dev himself from the Store:

Download apps and games for your Windows Phone right from your tablet or PC! Windows Store like interface now connects you to your phone. Download the best Windows Phone apps with this beautifuly designed app.

Download apps and games right from your tablet or PC.
Use Search to quickly find apps!
Browse app categories to find apps you will love.
Browse reviews to check if app is good for you.
Browse screenshots to see if app looks cool!







We Windows Phone users welcome this beautiful addition to the Store. Nicely done indeed. We wonder if MS should not buy this app off right away, or just hire the guy. Download the App right away via the Source link below, its free as the air; for now.

Source: Windows Store

Via: Mary-Jo Foley and @CarmenCrincoli