Tom & Jerry is a children’s comedy that also touched the hearts of adults. It is a light-hearted adventure of a cat, Tomas, trying to catch a mouse, Jerry, but being outsmarted by the mouse. This show is a true classic, and now, there is an app on Windows 8 to help you enjoy watching the funny cartoon.


Are you tired of searching YouTube videos for Tom and Jerry? Spending all your time searching for your favorite episode? Well look no further. This app has over 150 Tom and Jerry episodes. You could find these same episodes on YouTube but why waste your time? Get this app and over 150 will be available right now! All episodes are in MP4 video, which provides superior Audio and Video quality while preserving battery life.

1) Pause, Play, rewind, forward.
2) Full screen support.
3) Multitasking, with smart app. This application knows where you left off and will reload to the same position when you return.
4) No need to wait 150+ are available right now, on demand.
5) Pin your favorite episode to the start screen. One tap away from watching your cherished episode.
6) Beautiful interface, slick design, fast loading and great experience.
7) Email the developers, get app updates info.

Get this app; Do it, do it now!


    • 150+ Episodes.
    • Watch Tom and      Jerry in HD.

Download it here: Tom and Jerry