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We blogged earlier about a relaxation app called Naturespace. It is an app to help you relax, featuring some soothing music and sounds. Well, a couple of days ago, this app got a huge upgrade, featuring even more sounds. Here’s the description from the developer.



Welcome to Naturespace Holographic Audio, creators of the finest 3-D audio recordings of nature, now on Windows 8! The sonic accuracy of our recordings are so convincingly real that they create an immediate positive impact on your state of mind. Under headphones, the 3-D experience quickly engages the mind and triggers a lasting physiological sense of safety, peace, and tranquility. Over speakers, it creates highly detailed ambiences that elevate the mood in any indoor space. From the calmest of evenings to the most intense thunderstorms, our spatially accurate recordings will transport you like no other.

Naturespace is unique. It’s not just about nature’s sound, it’s about nature’s space. All 3 dimensions (including height) are accurately reproduced, providing the listener with a true “being there” experience under headphones. The impact that spatially accurate outdoor sound has on the brain is astounding; it is immensely relaxing and entertaining. Whether you take a 5 minute vacation to a gentle evening by a lake, or an extended stay underneath a powerful thunderstorm, Naturespace provides the brain with the sense of openness and vastness that is so important to a balanced state of well-being. Naturespace is a spectacular catalyst for creative visualization and imaginative exploration. Just put on your headphones, and close your eyes. You’ll see!

We are a dedicated team of audio engineers and artists with a unique vision and a singular goal: to change the way the world listens to sound. We invite you to experience our work and welcome your feedback. For the latest information and to connect with us directly, please visit our Facebook page!


    • Includes 17 pristine holographic spaces
    • Extremely long tracks are seamlessly looped for endless hours of listening
    • 30 additional spaces available for purchase, allowing you to customize your library based on what you enjoy
    • Beautiful and elegant user-interface designed exclusively for Windows 8

You can download it from here.

Download from Windows Store: Naturespace: Relax Meditate Escape Sleep