The Dutch geek Network, is now also represented in the Windows Store with their official App “”. The site is visited by more than 3.5 million unique visitors each month, they are the commanding force with it comes to Technology in The Netherlands. The app itself was developed by Robert de Veen for, and I can tell you for fact that the app is quality with attention to details. The app doesn’t just bring you RSS feeds, but also detailed information on the Story etc. For those of you that read Dutch, please find the description as follows:

Tweakers is met meer dan 3,5 miljoen unieke bezoekers en 90 miljoen pageviews per maand de grootste elektronica- en technologiewebsite van Nederland en België. Deze applicatie laat de laatste nieuwsberichten van de website zien.
Deze applicatie is niet officieel door Tweakers gemaakt maar door een fanatieke Tweaker. Tweakers levert daarom geen support op deze applicatie.
Helaas is (nog) niet alles mogelijk met deze applicatie wat op de website wel mogelijk is. Heb je goede ideeën laat het dan weten in een review bericht.

Tweakers Nieuws





While we are talking about the developer Robert de Veen, there is another App from him in the Store that I think is worthy of mention here. The Developer just brought us a Remote Control app for all Philips TVs brought to market this past two years by Philips. The App “PHILIPS REMOTE CONTROL” is able to connect to your TV and allows you to perform standard remote control activities on the TV like changing Channels, Volume control etc. Here is his description from the Store:

Control your PHILIPS TV with your Windows 8.
A PHILIPS TV 2011 or 2012 models (xxPFL5xx6 to xxPFL9xx6) is needed to use this application.
The application will automatic find your TV. PHILIPS TV should be added to your Devices in PC Settings.

Control your PHILIPS TV




We are glad to see quality apps appearing for other regions of the world. Unfortunately for some of you these apps will not be available to you, but for the Dutch this is surely a boon. Download these apps now in the Store via the following links:

PHILIPS Remote Control

Source: Windows Store