Office 365 expires

Update: There has been more recent information about this issue. Please see the latest post on this matter. False Alarm! Office 365 Preview Doesn’t Expire Yet

Last summer, Microsoft offered users a free, beta, version of Microsoft Office 2013 via a preview version of Office 356. They noted that this preview version of Office 365 would expire about 90 days after Office 2013 hits RTM. Well, folks, it seems that that time has arrived. At the time of this writing, Office 365 preview will expire in just over a day.

If you are still using it, I strongly recommend you uninstall it. You can continue to use an older version of Office that you own. (Note, you were able to run the older and the beta version side by side.) Office 365 should become available for purchase later this month. With the Office 365 subscription, you can own the entire Office suite for a very low price (relatively). If you can’t wait to get your hands on the final version of Office 2013, you can download a trial version of Office 2013 RTM. Note that this trial expires in 60 days after you install it.