Today I want to share with you an app we blogged about earlier in 2012. This originally was an YouTube downloader app. Now, it has been updated to support turning even offline videos to mp3 audio format. Furthermore, the update now includes a more touch friendly layout of YouTube. Originally, it only was a wrapper to the YouTube website.

This app can be very useful if you want to download a YouTube video as audio to listen to offline. This is very useful if you want to listen to a Podcast on your, say, mp3 player. The audio download size is much smaller than a lengthy video (which podcasts tend to be). This app is also handy if you want to download audio files or music that is under creative commons or under public domain. Although this app allows you to download any YouTube video, do keep in mind the copyright laws. Please do not download music videos or movies that you do not have permission to download.


Download YouTube videos with this app and save them right to your Videos folder right away! Its that easy.

Keep the videos for offline viewing.
Want to listen to Music Video on your device instead? You can also convert them to MP3 right away!


Download any YouTube video format directly with this app or convert them to MP3s [Background]

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.

Selection of both touch optimized or Web browsing on YouTube

Live Tiles

Quick search

Quick share

Notification when the download is done

DLNA [Play-To]

Download progress

Edit music artist, title, album, genre for downloaded MP3

SkyDrive sync/Integration  (Upload/download videos and MP3s seamlessly)

Download now: YouTube MP3 & Videos downloader