If you’ve ever used Snapchat before you’ve most likely known that all media sent and received disappears after the alloted time set by the sender, right? Well, Buzzfeed has found out a hack that allows those recieving to view the videos forever. So how’s this happening? We won’t get into detail [for that you can go to the BuzzFeed Article] but it involves browsing the iPhone files and finding the cache for snapchat whcih leads you straight to the videos. [WARNING: Opening the video and watching it before loading it onto your computer will result in the loss of your ability to use this hack] A few finder windows opened and some clicks later and you can view any video you’ve had sent to your Snapchat Account. Similar to the disappearing act of Snpachat, pokes on Facebook now vanish once they are read by the user. Facebook, has also experienced the same trouble though they have already began at attempting to fix the issue. We’ll keep you updated for any changes that come into place with this new hack or if anymore are found.