5 Days ago Twitter suspended the regularly used account by Anonymous [@YourAnonNews]. Though Anonymous occasionally [okay maybe regularly] violates Twitter’s T.O.S. but this is the first time we’ve reported on a suspension. Soon after, Anonymous released this tweet from their backup account:YANbackup-suspensionONanon

When media sources contacted Twitter for a comment they had this to say;

[quote type=”large” align=”left”] “We don’t comment on individual accounts for privacy reasons. [/quote]

Though Anonymous did use their backup account to communicate to a small percentage of their supporters and followers this could have potentially hurt Anonymous’s ability to communicate to their 826,000+ followers on their @YourAnonNews Account compared to the 25,000 followers on their YANBackup account. Some said that Twitter was asking for it by suspending the account since Anonymous is known for causing mayhem on websites they don’t find quality in.

As of 12/24 Twitter has re-activated the account and Anonymous is back to their daily routine. Anonymous has not negatively commented about the incident on their main Twitter account yet but activity is back to a normal pace.