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Happy holidays! We have some sales form the Windows Store, and, in many cases, freebies! The deals are easily highlighted on the “Spotlight” section of the Windows Store. As of this writing, there are six deals; however, this applies only to the US version of Windows Store. If you live outside the US and your country is offering some sort of deal, let us know and we will blog about it.

First, we have the ESPN App. I personally could not find what kind of sales this app is offering, but, according to, “ESPN’s Windows 8 app also offers access to its expanded Insider services. Normally it would cost $2.50 for that service.”

Speaking of subscriptions, we have a couple of newspaper app that is offering free or low cost prices for news and magazine subscriptions. These offers are valid until the end of January of 2013. The New York Times, for example is only charging 99 cents for a 20 plus dollar subscription for the first four weeks.

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We also have a couple of Disney games that are being offered for free: Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry? Normally, these are paid apps, but you can get them free until the end of January. I will mention that these games keep crashing for me at launch. The reviews of the game show that others are experiencing the same problem. Nevertheless, I still recommend you grab them because Disney will patch it with a future update. Might as well get it while it’s free.

2012 Deals

If you like to visit Disney Land, you will want hotels. If you want discounts on hotels, try the Expedia Windows 8 app. The recently launched Expedia app is offering up to 60% discount with “Expedia Mobile Exclusive deals”

Again, these deals are valid until January 31, 2012, and they apply to the US Windows Store only. If similar or other deals are available on your country outside the US, let us know so we can mention it on the blog. Happy holidays!

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