Here is an example of not judging an App by its Title. This App dropped in the Store a while back and I saw it, but didn’t take it seriously because, what’s the point, there are a thousand and one media player Apps now in the Store. Well, I should have known better, like the adage goes, “the stone that the builders refuse, turned out to be the corner stone”. Somebody just tipped me off that this app is rocking in the Store.

This is the very app you wanna get right now if you are into diversified media formats. This is the first App that I know that play MKV as you can see in the Description. Until VLC project and Media Player Classic release their Windows 8 apps, this app is going to reign supreme for those of you not bought into MP4 and WMV formats. It’s a paid app as you can see, so you might as well reward the Dev for his efforts. I mean, it costs less than your typical Mocca-Latte binge. For the quality of the App there can be no doubt as many have gone the route before you and qualified the app with more than 4-Stars at 81 ratings presently. So it seems to be a solid app. Here is more from the Dev:

Media player that plays HD video natively using DirectX for best performance. Supported formats include many popular file types including MKV.
New Features:
DTS audio in mkv files
Subtitles in mkv files (UTF-8)

Native Video Playback
MKV support
Subtitles in mkv files
Audio player



Like I said, the app costs you $4.00 to buy, but you can at least test it free of charge of it meets your expectation before buying. So, go right ahead and give it a spin if you’re an MKV-head.

Source: Windows Store

Tip Credit: Micheal H (@Guitar1969)