Citrix is really rocking the Windows Store these days. Yesterday I mentioned their GoToMeeting App, now just today, they’ve released another Productivity App to the Store: ShareFile. Well, as the name suggests, Citrix ShareFile is a file sharing and Sync App to allow pervasive syncing/sharing of your files either for business or private use. The only catch is that you have Citrix Account to use the App. So, those of you heavily invested in Citrix Universe will definitely want to get this. Here is Citrix’s credits from the Store:

ShareFile by Citrix is a secure file sharing, file transfer, sync and storage solution enabling you to access and manage your content from anywhere on any device. With ShareFile, you can give the people you work with and your clients full or partial access to the files they need, so you can work collaboratively and securely. The ShareFile Windows 8 app gives you the freedom to conduct business wherever you may be.

Browse your account
Download and view documents
Request and send files via email
Transfer big files
Add users to folders on your ShareFile account
Once you download a file, you can also view it when you are offline
For Enterprise accounts, users will be able to access their data using their corporate credentials, and IT administrators will be able to control and audit access






So, there you go. What does this remind you of? Yes, Microsoft SkyDrive. Citirix is positioning this as SkyDrive competitor for private users. It basically does the same as SkyDrive only you need to live in Citrix planet. So, if this is your thing, please go right ahead and download via the source link below.

Source: Windows Store