In this Yuletide period in a digital age, what is more appropriate than to send Digital Christmas Cards. Well some Dev’s are thinking of you, they give all for free, a Greetings Card Designer Studio. You can now let your imagination run wild and send that unique Christmas Card that can only come from you and not some sweat factory where people are paid pennies a day for their efforts . The App comes with Templates allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content. Here is now the Dev described the app in the Store:

Create your custom greeting cards and share them with your family and friends using your preferred social network such as Facebook or Twitter.
Choose a frame, insert an existing picture or take one from your camera and write your personalized messages. Text may also be moved in a different location.
Adjust the picture, zooming or rotating, using the touch screen or mouse wheel (move the mouse while for zoom and press Ctrl for rotation).
The application is fully functional, but you can upgrade to version PRO inside the application to enable extra features such as importing new themes downloaded from the Web, disabling the ads banners or removing the link watermark.


Customize your greeting cards inserting your picture and texts.

Pinch and rotate gestures to adjust picture. Use the mouse wheel and Ctrl+Wheel to zoom and rotate.

Import new themes from the Web upgrading to version PRO.

Save or share your cards easily using Windows charms bar.



If you want more oomph for your cards, of course you have to go Pro. Download the app now in the Store via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store