Dear Family Safety customer,
Family Safety

We’re making a change to Family Safety, and are contacting you because you’re monitoring or managing one or more children’s Microsoft accounts (formerly known as Windows Live IDs).

There are many different email programs your children can use to communicate with others. But until now, Family Safety has only been able to help parents monitor their children’s email contacts through Microsoft-owned programs like using Family Safety Contact Management.

Starting on 3/18/2013, we’re switching your children’s monitored accounts to’s “exclusive” mode. These settings work for all email programs, so now you can help keep your children safer across any email platform they use, not just those created by Microsoft. The change affects three things:

  • The contacts you currently manage for your child will be added to the Safe Senders and Domains list. Emails from people on the list will go directly to your child’s inbox.
  • Emails from people not on the list will go directly to your child’s junk mail folder. (They can still view these messages there, though, so it’s important to be cautious.)
  • Your child will be able to add their own new contacts.

These accounts will be affected by the change:

  • Kid Account1
  • Kid Account2

Note that these new settings don’t affect your child’s communication in Messenger. However, if you want to block online communication, we recommend setting the Family Safety web filter to “General interest”.

You can also visit Microsoft’s Safety and Security Center page for tips on helping your children use the web more safely.

Thanks for your understanding and patience as we update our services.

The Family Safety team