NRA-techtronicaBefore beginning this post I’d like to personally express my condolences for those involved [in any way] with the tragedy that struck the town of Newtown, Connecticut. One of the highly discussed topics during these difficult times is the statements of different organizations against “unnecessary” gun limitations and the ones that believe they are necessary. As of late, the NRA [National Rifle Association] has gone into hibernation on the WWW. This story has made headlines on both CNN & USA so far and continues to become a more talked about subject. During the last tragedy similar to this one but in Aurora, Colorado the NRA [officially] remained silent during the tragedy except for one tweet. Apparently, the social media manager for NRA had not seen any news of the shooting and posted a tweet that just didn’t fit the circumstances.

[quote type=”large” align=”center”]  “Good morning, shooters. Happy Friday! Weekend plans?” -NRA’s American Rifleman [/quote]



Though gun control has become a largely debated issue as of late the NRA has continued to remain silent, even deactivating their Facebook page as of late. In an interview with CNN, NRA’s Vice President & Chief Executive Officer had this to say;

“We are going to stand and fight… We are prepared to do what we have always done. Our strength isn’t the [NRA] building, it is not money… Our strength is the individual people all over the country who value their ability to own a gun.”

Will the NRA release a statement about this tragedy or reappear to the WWW? Voice your comments below!