Those of you that follow me know I rave to no end about my favorite eBook reader Freda in the Store. Well I am glad to announce a good competition to the App in Book Bazaar Reader. The is solid from what I can see thus far, and as you can see from the number Stars it garnered in the ratings, it is a good app indeed. For some of you that are crazy on skeuomorphism, you’ve got a winner in this app as it turns pages with 3D animation like you have on iPad and the rest. Here is the full description of the app from the Store:

Book reading application.
Provides access to thousands of free books from multiple sources of open publications, such as Guttenberg, Flibusta, FeedBooks, FreeBooks, ManyBooks, etc. Uses built-in OPDS catalog browser to download books. Can import books stored in local files.
Provides great reading experience with animated page turning, quick page formatting for different orientations, font size and font family selection. Night reading mode. Convenient page navigation using table of contents, reading progress bar, page turning history.
Maintains book library with different ways of sorting and grouping (by authors, genres, titles, sizes, publishing time, download time). Provides a convenient active books list (“I am reading” list).
Uses Windows8 contracts for sharing book links between apps such as Mail or Quick Note – into or out of your library.

Recognizes books in EPUB format
Recognizes books in FB2 format
Download books from OPDS catalogs (has a big list of built-in catalogs and allows using your own links to catalogs)
Download books from internet links (URLs)
Import books stored on a local machine
Integrated with Mail, IE and note taking apps via “share charm”
Nice page turning experiences (sliding, or 3d)
High performance with big book formatting, rotating and resizing
Allows to choose font family and font size
Supports Table Of Contents
Quick page preview using Reading Progress bar, with ability to jump to any page.
Color themes for daylight and night reading
Page history storing jumps within a book via table of contents or hyperlinks
Rich book content format using all features of HTML5 (tables, images, SVG, CSS)









It is a good thing to see Devs continue to innovate with MX Apps. This is another example of what you can achieve if you set your mind to it with Windows Modern Apps. Way to go I say. The App is free for now in the Store, you can give it a spin yourselves and for your own opinion. Download via the Source link here below.

Source: Windows Store