Wow, Collins English Dictionary drops in the Store with a big bang. I don’t know what they’ve packed into this app, but the app is packing at least 136Mb of Data! Say Whaa?! The erudites and the wordsmiths amongst us at least have something to dig their teeth into with this app. I think they’ve made everything Offline in this app, so you probably don’t need an Internet connection to use the app like some other Diction apps in the Store. So, you’re on a trip through the Sahara, better get this app for companion.

Just browsing through the App you can see there has been a lot of thought gone through the design phase. This is MX App made the way it was meant to be, I am sure MS will be featuring this app as a good design sample to budding Devs out there. I mean the app has everything you might desire for knowledge and studies. You start from the selection stage, through browsing or searching, for specific words, you then drop into detailed view and learn about meaning, pronunciation, synonyms, and antonyms. There is a word-map showing association of related words. I am sure this is powerful educational tool for parents. Puts a world of discovery into your kids hands.

Of course, to whom much is given, much is demanded; literarily. You have to shelf $13.00 for this app, but I am sure it is worth it. What? Too expensive? This is something less that what you give out at a typical Starbucks visit, and we are talking of brain-cells feeding here, so what is 13 bucks. For that amount see what you get:


Collins English Dictionary for Windows 8 is a rich source of words for everyone who loves language. This new edition includes the latest words to enter the English language as well as a wide range of biographical entries. Usage notes give advice on using the right word in the right place, and thousands of etymologies trace the roots of modern English.
Application’s unique design helps to make this dictionary accessible making it easy to find any entry.   All definitions, examples, idioms, and usage notes are based on the Collins Corpus – the unrivalled and constantly updated 4.5 billion-word database of today’s English – creating an authoritative and up-to-the-minute reference.
Features like wildcard-search, browsing by alphabet or by word categories makes the experience unique.  Create custom Favorites Folders to group words the way you like.  .
The extensive database of words with comprehensive word details is combined with amazing Windows 8 features like snap, portrait page views, page pinning and semantic zoom, allowing for quick navigation to specific parts of the application.  These native Windows 8 features transform an impressive Collins English Dictionary from a traditional language reference to an immersive digital dictionary experience.  Collins Thesaurus and Audio further enhance dictionary data and provide a single source for complete word details.
Additional Collins dictionary volumes are available with in-application purchase options and seamlessly integrate into the product providing the full-fidelity word detail experience and other common application features like favorites folders.
After initial installation no Internet connection is required to operate the dictionary.

Quickly customize layout order of the application functions on the Home Page, prioritizing access to matter to you most.

Search with word suggestions and wild card features – word suggestions are provided during the freeform search and system supports wildcard like * and ? as substitutes for a single character or parts

Instantly review all recently searched terms and jump directly to any date in the search history list to find words reviewed earlier.

“Browse by Letter” to quickly get to words starting with specific letter or letter combinations and variety of grouping options like grouping “alphabetically” or by “parts of speech”.

Create Favorites Folders with custom names and cover art and store unlimited words in the folders.

Using Windows 8 zoom to quickly navigate through long word lists within each folder.  Using the “Pin” feature create a shortcut directly on your home screen to any folder.

Customize folders with unique names and images created from pre-installed “skins” categorized by “Textures”, “Nature”, “Animals” and “Places” or use any images on the device or a live photo taken.

Words are grouped into distinct word categories:  Arts, Biographies, Business and Economics, Geographical Entry, Recreation and Sports, Religion and Philosophy, Science and Technology, Social Science

Word detail provides extensive information like parts of speech, definition, word use examples and related words and much more.  Navigate to other words via “Nearby”, word map or related words making

Additional information on forms, synonyms and antonyms is provided from the integrated Collins Thesaurus.

The visual “Word Map” streamlines navigation to Synonyms, Antonyms and related words and provides a unique visual view of related dictionary content.

Adding short notes to any dictionary entry with the “Notes” in the Word Detail is easy and personalizes the dictionary to what is important to you.

Many words include convenient Collins native speaker audio and other additional audio content.

True native experience of Windows 8 making it easy to navigate with a mouse or touch screens.  Supports and adapts to all screen resolutions screen layouts:  landscape, portrait and snap.

In-app purchased additional Collins titles which seamlessly integrate into the application.  Installed titles can be used with common application features like Favorite Folders and Word Detail.









There is no doubt in my mind this is the best Dictionary app in the Store at the moment. I am curious how you guys finds it. Please download and give it a spin and let me know what you think. Collins allowed us to wait on their app, but it worth the wait. Please download it now via the source link below.

Source: Windows Store