Here is something for all Grease Monkeys and Sport Cars Lovers out there. Ferrari brings the Official Magazine App to the Store. If you love Sport cars in general and Ferrari in particular, you’ll need to get this app. I don’t even need to describe the app to you as Ferrari SPA gave a detailed description in the Store themselves as follows:

Ferraris, arts, culture, fashion, lifestyle: the entire world of Ferrari lovers at your fingertips.
The Ferrari Magazine is completely unique in that it combines the authentic voice of Ferrari, its models, secrets and sporting achievements past and present, with the writings of renowned international journalists on a broad range of different subjects. However, one of the main reasons for the Magazine’s huge popularity is that each issue focuses on a different theme. Signs, language, colours, style, technology and boldness, are just some of the strands used to draw together the subjects that make each and every new Ferrari Magazine unique.
Just like the end-of-year issue which continues the Ferrari Yearbook tradition. For just €10.99, you’ll enjoy 100 extra pages – that’s 280 rather than the usual 180 – which include an account of Luca di Montezemolo’s two decades as chairman told to journalists in his own words, a story of 20 years of superbly intuitive and farsighted decision-making that produced unprecedented success across the board. And, of course, as the year is ending, we also bring you an analysis of the racing season too.
The Official Ferrari Magazine’s editorial team and management are in Maranello but work on each issue with a team from prestige publisher Condé Nast in London (Vogue, Vanity Fair, Ad, GQ, Wired, etc.). Despite being a publication that does, of course, focus on Ferrari’s cars, the Magazine also embraces culture, art, fashion and trends, giving its own unique take on the whole lifestyle concept from the viewpoint of Ferrari enthusiasts.





So, there you have it. At least if we can’t afford the Ferrari cars, we can at least afford to  gawk and dream about them Smile. Download the app now for Free in the Store via the Source Link here below.

Source: Windows Store