Wow! WWE brings the first Event dedicated App to the Store. I wasn’t expecting this. We are all conditioned to view our Apps as Permanent Augmentation of our lives. They will always be there when we need them. Not something you use and throw away like penlight batteries after they depleted. Here is WWE with the dedicated Rolling Stones App to cover the Concert Event of the 15th of December for the Rolling Stones. I mean it literarily covers everything you want to know about the Concert. You can even watch the concert from the App, but you’ll have to pay for that. Since I don’t use iOS nor Android, I can’t vouch that they have something like this, but I welcome it for Windows 8 users. It features Countdown timer and Twitter social connect with other Rolling Stones fans all around the world. So you are not living in the US, you can visit the Prudential Center on the 15th, you don’t have the excuse anymore. This is your chance to be part of history: The Rollings Stones – One More Shot!

Don’t miss your chance to experience The Rolling Stones – LIVE – from the Prudential Center on December 15, 2012.  It’s the concert of the century – available to you via Pay-Per-View on this breathtaking app for your Windows 8 device.
In addition to the concert, you can use the app to connect to fans worldwide both before and after the show.  It’s your chance to experience history – The Rolling Stones – One More Shot!

Live pay-per-view video streaming of the concert of the century




Well, there you go. The first Disposable App in the Store! Windows 8 MX Apps are made for things like this. After the event just uninstall the app and reclaim space, no garbage left behind. So what are you waiting for? The App is free, but the streaming of the Concert will cost you, but you don’t mind right, as you’ll be part of history anyway. You’ll tell your grandkids over twenty years that your were there; physically or virtually Smile. Download now via the Source Link below.

Source: Windows Store