Earlier this year, Microsoft released “Bing Desktop” for Windows 7 that put a Bing search box on your desktop and also set Bing’s daily homepage pictures as your desktop background. That way, every day, you had a fresh, new, and high quality, desktop wallpaper. However, if you were an early adaptor of Windows 8, you might have known that Bing Desktop would only install and run on Windows 7. It would not install on a Windows 8 PC even with compatibility settings. But today, there is good news for Windows 8 users!

Today, Microsoft has changed this with version 1.1 of Bing Desktop. It will be listed as an “Optional Update” to Windows 8 on the Windows Update Control Panel. Now, you can have automatic Bing daily images as your desktop wallpaper on Windows 8. Furthermore, this update also changes the Bing search box to a “Metro” design. You can set theme colors. You can also now dock it to a side or corner, and it will auto hide, only appearing when you hover your mouse over the hot corner or edge.

To install optional updates to Windows 8, type in “Update” on Start Search, click “Settings”, and choose “Install Optional Updates”. Alternatively, you can download this update manually: http://www.bing.com/explore/desktop

Install Optional Updates