Seriously Compromised with SurfacePro – A Public Plea to Microsoft


This week, Microsoft announced the pricing of the SurfacePro to the whole wide world, and reception of the news has been mixed to put it mildly. Its not even the price that broke the deal for me, I don’t mind the price since its work/play device. What broke it for me is the Battery Life of the device. I must confess I am seriously compromised right now in my decision for this device. What were you thinking Microsoft, 4Hrs battery life these days is just not acceptable on a Tablet device. I know it’s a Core i5 device, don’t get me wrong, I can see the need for power for some people, but seriously?

Look, I already have a Core i5 tablet that came with Windows 7, that was announced for 4Hrs battery life when I got it, but actually was pulling 2.5Hrs max in reality. Installed it with Windows 8 DP and my battery life jumped to 3hrs, now with Windows 8 RTM I am getting average of 3.5Hrs on this awesome device. So here I am waiting patiently for SurfacePro in January, and MS announced 4Hrs battery, sorry, but that is disappointing. I was expecting something that will match SurfaceRT battery life if not surpass it. Core i5 with 4Hrs battery life is almost what I have right now with my current Win7/Win8 tablet, I don’t see what’s the improvement, that extra 30 minutes doesn’t cut it for me; not for $1000 price point.

When MS announced 3-months-later for SurfacePro, I was actually hoping that they did that to get the latest and greatest CPU from Intel to capture the same battery life as SurfaceRT, as all kinks with CloverTrail would then have been ironed out etc etc. Ok, they said 3rd generation core i5 CPU, whatever that means, I don’t see its effect if it slurps the battery empty in 4hrs.

So, this is my plea to Microsoft: Please, please, make a third option for SurfacePro with CloverTrail Atom CPU! If HP and Dell could promise 9Hrs on their CloverTrail devices right now, it is a shame for Microsoft to come in the year of the Lord 2013 with a meager 4Hrs battery life device. You know, I have this Core i5 device right now, I am not doing any monster work on it, I am not doing video editing, not installing it with Photoshop or AutoCAD software even if I could. All those are on my Desktop where the power is when I need it. I have chosen this device to be my companion device, I need it to be always available when I need it, not to be looking for the next plugin socket each time. I use it lightly, that is the intention the whole time, the need to be able to run standard desktop apps and be highly mobile. That is the promise of CloverTrail, that is why we wait, so why should we end up with something in January that I can have now; that I have now?!

So, either you come with an announcement before the mid of December Microsoft, else I’ll be forced to shop at HP and Dell for my next CloverTrail device with a Pen. Thanks for listening as always Microsoft.

[Update: Corrected OakTrail to CloverTrail in the post. Sorry people, getting old here Smile. Thanks Voleheart buddy!]

Your buddy,

Denny McAkins

7 thoughts on “Seriously Compromised with SurfacePro – A Public Plea to Microsoft

  1. Better yet, have a Haswell processor. Oh, and btw…offer 3G/4G connectivity. We’ll talk then.

    I swear MS, you guys would f-up a free lunch!


    • Yeah, I could even forgive them for lack of 3G/4G connectivity, I carry my PAN with me anyway. But lack of modern CPU is inexcusable. What’s the point of a tablet if you have to constantly hunt for charging sockets in the public, or sit-place in a meeting is determined by the closest power socket. I have been there, I need to be able to leave my tablet adapter at home for once when I’m out and about.


  2. Why in the world would you expect better battery life from an ultrabook than a low-power ARM chip? Because of Clover Trail? If you’re buying Surface Pro for the battery life you are buying the wrong device.


    • Thanks for your response Robert, I appreciate your time to comment. Like I said, I already have an 11.6 device with power that is pulling almost 4hrs, Microsoft didn’t give me an incentive to upgrade. What’s the point of a powerful device if I only use it for light work and play. Maybe If I were a CAM designer or a Digital Artist I would appreciate the muscle.

      All I want from Microsoft is their Surface Design with their attention to detail and quality, and a device that runs both MX and traditional Desktop Apps, and last at least 8hrs on battery. That we can have right now in devices with Clovertrail. Why didn’t MS add that option. Its just a CPU diff that is easily solved. Its not as if Core i5 is that much a technology shift from Clovertrail. Why not SurfacePro for people like me.

      Again, I am tired of having the nearest power sockets determine my sit place in meetings, airports and libraries.


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