Turnipsoft has done it again, they’ve made Freda even more user friendly by releasing a barrage of Updates to the App, bringing it to version 3.2. This version now has almost everything the users were complaining about in the Reviews: Bookmarks, Annotations, Delete books from bookshelf etc etc etc. Just see this Release Notes and screenshots:

Release notes
Update 3.2  fixes various bugs, and adds
– The ability to add bookmarks and annotations, and to delete books from the bookshelf
– Selecting multiple books to download simultaneously from SkyDrive or local folders
– Creation, deletion, editing and re-ordering of book sources
– Additional display options (such as choice between smooth and sharp text rendering and the option to turn off the patterned background)
– A live tile display showing details of current book (and you can pin additional books to your start screen)
– Various user experience improvements
Freda is still being actively developed; we’re working now on features like:
– Dictionary and Translation lookup
– Search for text in the book
– Search and filter your bookshelf
– Customising and managing book sources
If you have any problems with the app, or you have any suggestions for new features, please contact us at .


You can go download the update now in the Store.

Source: Windows Store