Our friends from Dangling Concepts has also released an enormous update to their Air Soccer Fever App in the Store, bringing a lot of enhancements to the App, and adding Portrait and Snapped mode play. Now you can play your buddy in Brazil while you keep an eye on your Stocks Tickers Smile. Or start a tournament in the Office for those boring hours. Here’s the release notes from the Store:

Release notes
1. Fixed a bug where app wont start when offline
2. Added 3 multiplayer servers for better performance
3. Added local multiplayer feature over WLAN or WiFi
4. Added local Tournament mode
5. Now you can change your player name for multiplayer mode
6. In addition to swipe, now support a new input method (Press/Click) for players who would like to play with Keyboard & Mouse. Just press the player number on keyboard and click anywhere with mouse to shoot. Player number display can be switched on/off from settings


Download this work of art now from the Store.

[Update: 2012-11-29] I have just been informed by @Danglingneuron, the author of the App, that he has released a Beta of the App unto the Android platform. Now you can play your friends also on Android devices. Awesome! So go tell your friends on Android and get to show them why we on the Windows platform own their base.

Source: Windows Store