Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the first Dedicated App for Facebook in the Store. Don’t get me wrong, we already have Facebook apps in the Store, and the most popular being the FlipToast app that I have reported severally on this blog. But FlipToast, as awesome an app as it is, is meant to be a front for most of your popular Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Which means it is impossible for this one App to do it all, you have to miss some features. Thus we have this great competitor in the App MINE for Facebook.  The app stepped in to fill the void of a full Facebook app till Facebook and Microsoft decide to release an official Facebook app.  It’s a well written app and gets the job done as advertised. You can view your Feeds, Comment, Like and UnLike, view Profiles, Facebook Notification etc etc. The list is just too long, so I’ll let you review the Description as given by Marvin Apps in the Store:

MINE for Facebook is a Facebook client created with one mission in mind: to show you your Facebook feed, the way you want to see it.  Of course you can see your Facebook timeline, post updates, comment & like, …, but if you want, you can go one step further and customize your feeds until they exactly fit your needs.
We’re adding features constantly, so feel free to check back often – this is just the beginning :-)
Current version: 0.9.0

View your Facebook news feed.
Comment, like & update your status, share a link, add a picture, …
View your friends’ profile pages, including their wall posts.
Customize your feeds! Do you only want to see status updates?  No problem.  Do you want to see all the pictures, but only from a select group of friends?  No problem.
So, next to your regular feed, you can create custom feeds, allowing you to select exactly what you want to see from which friends.
Update your Facebook status or share a link or picture from any application which supports sharing!
Get notifications from Facebook right on your Windows start screen.
Designed with Windows 8 in mind, for both touch & non-touch devices.
Search Facebook from anywhere in Windows.


The App is at the moment free for all, so might as well go ahead and give it a spin. Download via the Source below.

[Update: 2012-11-22] We’ve just been contacted by the Author of this App below in the comments as you can see. The author indicates this is just a preview of things to come; an appetizer if you will. They promise a high update and release cycle which will indeed make this app great and give Facebook a run for their money when the Official Facebook app drops in the Store. You can trust your friends on McAkins Online to be on top of latest developments as they appear in the Store. So check back regularly for updates.

Source: Windows Store