Here is another elegant YouTube player in the Store, and this time, I think we’ve got ourselves a winner in PrimeTube. This App supports all YouTube features, that I am worried they get in trouble with Google with this client. I mean, if you have this client, why bother to go to YouTube site anymore and consume Adds. Yeah I know, you still consume Ads via embedded Ads in videos.

Anyway, think of anything on YouTube, you’ve got it right here. You Subscriptions, Popular Videos, Channels, PlayLists, SD/HD Video Play, Snapped Mode Player, Enhanced Video Player built-in and finally an awesome Fullscreen Player. Ok, maybe I exaggerated on that Channel Stuff, need to check myself. If you are looking for a good Tube player without compromise, you need not look further. Here is how APP LYF described their app in the Store:

PrimeTube is the most elegant way to access YouTube from your Windows 8 tablet, desktop, and laptop. This is brought to you by the developers of the acclaimed Windows Phone PrimeTube app.
Uniquely designed with faster navigation and loading as the primary focus, the app provides you an immersive experience to search, watch and manage YouTube videos. Some of the major features that PrimeTube provides in this version are listed below. More updates and features will follow soon.
We welcome any feedback/suggestion that you have regarding the app. Please email us at
Happy YouTubing !!

Search and watch YouTube videos. Manage subscriptions, favorites, playlists and watch later videos
In-App enhanced video player – LQ, HQ and HD video support
Added Keyboard features – Type anywhere in the app to search for videos and playlists
Live Tile + Support for secondary tile pinning
Play To enabled – Share videos not only with your social network but also with your favorites devices using  the Play To Devices
Push Notification for latest subscription videos
Data usage limit monitoring
Landscape, portrait and snapped mode support



I hear you ask yourself, how much does all this awesomeness cost, well, nothing; for now! Who knows, they’ll change that in the future. But for now, you can go right ahead and download it from the Store via the following Source Link.

Source: Windows Store