Here is a nice tool from ArcSoft, long known for their Media Software on the Windows Platform. ArcSoft is currently strongly represented in the Store with about 5 Apps and one them is this free tool that allows you to crop and correct skewed media assets you captured via you Camera for example. If you are a nerd like me hopelessly lost in journaling your day via the camera of your Smartphone, you know what can happen when you want to quickly capture something for your personal administration. They always turn out skewed no matter how you try to balance your camera. Now we have ArcSoft in the Store to the rescue. Here’s how they described the app in the Store:

Take notes from your camera.  Speed through editing skewed photos with intelligent cropping.  Manage and organize your notes with precision.  Send and share notes over the cloud.

Intelligently crops and corrects the skew of captured presentations from whiteboards, slides, posters and more
Add text comments to each page
Convert to PDF format for quick sharing


Like I said there are more apps from ArcSoft in the Store, just do a Search in the Store to see all them, for this tool, you can go right ahead and download it from the Store via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store