OK this one came out too while I was at work. SAP is now in the Store, Business people don’t have any excuse anymore not to buy a Windows 8 device.


With the SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet mobile app for Windows tablets, you can stay up to date on the orders and financial status of your customers anywhere and anytime. This app allows sales reps and account executives to display all of the relevant financial data of a customer, with the option to drill down to the level of a single invoice or sales order.
Note: To use the SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet mobile app with your business data, you must be a user of the SAP ERP application, having mobile services enabled by your IT department. SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet only shows data that you are authorized to view in SAP ERP. An enhancement option can be incorporated, configured in SAP ERP by your IT department, which allows you to display additional data. You can try it first with sample data.

Display a list of all customers assigned to you and customers classified as critical
View customers’ financial details (total outstanding/overdue invoices and credit information)
Retrieve an original invoice or last dunning notice and view open, critical, or blocked sales orders
View the average payment arrears of the customer for the last 12 months
Collaborate smoothly with your back-office team working with SAP ERP



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