Here is Sammy joining HP in the Store with a dedicated app for their Printer Products. I must confess I am surprised at the quality of the app. For those people complaining that Metro Apps (or MX Apps as I am recently calling them) could not be made to do anything serious, you need to have a look in the Store for Apps like this. I just twitted a few minutes ago the first OCR App in the Store for example. So we are seeing more and more serious apps as Devs are getting the hang of MX APP Development. The App is really full featured, and they are claiming it is for all Samsung Printers, no matter which model you have. So, you may be a lucky customer if you have one of Sammy’s printers. Here is the full description from the Store:

Samsung Printer Experience is an application that lets users manage and control Samsung printers and MFPs. With this free application’s simple user interface, users can easily scan and print with Samsung multifunctional printers. Samsung Printer Experience brings further flexibility and convenience to users by supporting several advanced settings and status notifications, as well as ordering supplies and viewing troubleshooting guides.

Monitor the status of your printers and show printer information
Features allow for troubleshooting, supplies ordering and configuring your printers
Advanced settings allow users to configure machine settings, network settings, address book (for MFP only) and maintenance.
Scan directly from your MFP and save images as JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or PDF with useful features like rotating, flipping, or cropping, etc.
New features allow for single or multiple image selection automatically
Pin to start for quick scanning and browsing images stored on your PC.


If you are one to the lucky ones with Sammy’s printer, go ahead and download this app via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store