Tweetro LogoLet me just start by saying that I am very disappointed in Twitter. Well, we know that with Twitter’s updated version of the API, new developers are limited by Twitter’s new and strict API rules. As I understand it, the new API only allows up to 100 thousand user tokens, after which a program trying to access additional user tokens must consult twitter for permission. This means for third party twitter clients, it can only have up to 100 thousand registered users without needing Twitter’s approval. The latest victim of this new enforcement appears to be the very popular Windows 8 app, Tweetro.

Richard Hay, a Microsoft MVP, reports that Tweetro has sent out emails to subscribers notifying that they can no longer accept additional users. You can read the full content of the letter on his post.

Tweetro developers contacted twitter, but, so far, they have not received a response. They are considering pulling the app from the Windows Store and resubmitting it as a “premium”, and likely expensive, app. This will limit the number of users. They explain that while they “would have been more than happy to continue distributing Tweetro for free as the exposure [they’ve] been receiving from it has been fantastic however being limited by twitter to a maximum of 100,000 users would mean [they’d] have to justify development via financial means.”

Windows Store Review

Anyway, as you can see from the screenshot of the user reviews of the Tweetro app on the Windows Store, users are rating it one star because they can’t connect to twitter. Granted, they don’t know that it’s not Tweetro’s fault, but Twitter’s, but they shouldn’t have to. The ultimate goal for consumer technology is following the motto “it just works”. It’s not the user’s job to decide who is at fault. If it doesn’t work, the users are not happy. I feel deeply sorry for the Tweetro developers, as they have done an amazing job in creating this app, only to be crippled by Twitter. I also feel bad for users because in the end, the users loose.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Tweetro for those who hadn’t been lucky enough to be the first 100 thousand users.

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