OK, here is another app I’ll recommend to any of you Video Addicts out there. If you spend your better part of the day on YouTube watching the same videos over and over again. You might as well download it locally and watch it till you drop without incurring the wrath of your ISP or pay through your nose with 3G Data cost. The little gem works as advertised, I was a bit skeptical initially so I decided to give it a spin before I recommend it to you guys. What do you know, it actually downloaded all my favorite K-Love Music Videos I threw at it without a glitch. It queues them up nicely and downloads them on the background so that when you even switch away from the app, the download still continues. I suspect it is using BITS transfer service. Awesome. You can choose you favorite file format to download, *.mp4, *.webm etc.

The app is not much of a looker, but that is not why you’ll download it right? As long as it gets the job done, you’ll be doing the looking in your video player trust me.

The App is free of charge, supported by unobtrusive ADs. So go ahead, download the app now and add it to your toolset via the Source Link.

Source: Windows Store