Wow, Seismic also threw down the gauntlet and joined the Windows 8 bandwagon. Here is the official Seismic app in the Store. The app is the front-end to your Seismic world, allowing you to access your documents and data on Seismic. Here is the full description from the Store:

The Seismic App works in conjunction with to provide data rich, personalized and customized PowerPoint and Word documents to your Windows 8 device. 
Your company has stuff everywhere – decks, proposals, documents – with more of it being created every day.  How can everyone keep it current, relevant to the audience, on-message and on-brand? By keeping it all living and breathing with a constant feed of live info.
Seismic – Content in Context

Customized, data rich PowerPoint Presentations and Word documents
Marketing regains control of brand by controlling versions, access and creating Customizable Templates


Download the Seismic app from the Store via the Source Link.

Source: Windows Store