FirstBank – The first App from West Africa is in the Store


Wow, I wasn’t expecting this so soon. The first app from West Africa is in the Store. Way to go people, proud of ya’all. FirstBank is as the name suggests, the first bank in Nigeria, if not in the black Africa. It is a reputed bank in the Country, and they are providing their customers information via this app. This is not a Transaction app for example. Here is the description from the Store:

First Bank of Nigeria Plc app provides Branch and ATM locations nearest you and information about FirstBank products and services. First Bank Nigeria Plc is a national icon and an international player in the financial services industry. The bank is over 110 years in existence during which it pioneered the art and science of modern banking in the country, becoming Nigeria’s biggest and most prosperous financial services group

This app provides Branch and ATM locations nearest you and information about FirstBank products and services


We can only congratulate Solutaris LLC on this first debut in the Store. Keep up the good work. If you are a first bank customer please go right ahead and download this app via the Source link.

[Update 2012-11-12] I have just been informed by IronHide below in the comments that in fact this App is not the First West African App but actually the 6th! The correct sequence according to him should be: ClassicRSS, Movietimes, Infoware Finance, Diamond Bank, First Bank and Slyde. This is nothing short of a feat knowing the challenges devs out of that part of the world have to face, like bandwidth and resource challenges. Well done people, nicely done indeed. Thanks IronHide for this tip.

Source: Windows Store

4 thoughts on “FirstBank – The first App from West Africa is in the Store

  1. …good to know someone’s watching, but just FYI, there are 5 other apps from West Africa: ClassicRSS, Movietimes, Infoware Finance, Diamond Bank, and Slyde, in addition to the First Bank app you wrote about. When you insert First Bank between Diamond Bank and Slyde, you get the correct order of publishing


    • Wow! Awesome! Thanks for the Information. This is what you get when a Service Provider in terms of Microsoft refuses to release the official Store API with which trackers like me could really do magic and inform MS users.
      We all have convoluted access at the moment, as a result most our work cannot be streamlined. For example, you still can’t see how many apps per Region in the Store, unless you are ready to open each app in the Store and note the localization.

      Thanks for this Heads up. I will update the Post to reflect you comment. I am personally proud of our African friends with this effort despite a lot of challenges you guys face in Africa. Keep them coming and keep me posted.


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