For anyone doubting Devs warming up to Windows 8, here is another proof for you. Microsoft released the Skype Metro client on the World with the GA of Windows 8, and hot on the heels of Skype of course is this messaging app ICQ. Competition is good for everyone like they say. ICQ LLC is trying to stem the monopoly of Skype on Windows RT devices that doesn’t run traditional desktop ICQ clients if you ask me with this app. Here is the description and a few screenshot from the Store:

Official ICQ for Windows 8 with free SMS!
One of the world’s best known instant messengers is now available for Windows 8. Free messaging around the world, cool smilies, people search and much more is a click ahead! Feel the power of new smart and simple touch interface, be online with your friends wherever you want.
ICQ. Everybody, everywhere.

Free SMS
Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki
People search


If you love ICQ and you’ve recently purchased a Windows 8 device you will want to get this app. Download via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store