Here is another awesome Business App. PushBI is a visualizer for disparate Data Sources like SharePoint, MSSQL, Analysis Services, Oracle and SAP. Did your manager just purchased a Windows 8 device, you can make him happy by deploying this app for your major Business Process KPIs. The app function as a Dashboard for data, whether live or stored. as you can see 5 people already rated the app with 5-Stars. This is worthy of your curiosity if you are BI professional or just a data dabbler. Full description is as follows:


PushBI is a business intelligence tool that delivers key performance indicators directly your computer. Whether you are across town or half way around the world you can monitor key business metrics that are always available so you can make decisions faster and drive business performance. PushBI with its server component can connect to data sources like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPivot, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL and Analysis Services, Oracle and SAP. With Windows 8, you can also pin key metrics right to your start screen to monitor and launch directly into that metric with one click.

Key performance metrics
Advanced data visualizations


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