You know like they say, life is full of surprises, this app is another one of those examples. Microsoft built Windows 8 with the premise of ease of use, but then some people were complaining of lack of customization of the Start Screen wallpaper except the one that came with Windows 8 that some people were finding rather boring. So here came this app My Tiles that purports to fill the gap left in Start Screen. Its an Shell in a Shell. In this shell however, you are Lord and King. You can setup your tiles the way you want, and what’s more, you tiles can have picture backgrounds etc. I don’t think I am able to aptly describe this app until you see it for yourselves, and the worst thing is the vendor himself is lazy in describing the app, he tacitly described it as follows: “Custom Tiles Make allows you to create custom tiles for your Windows 8”. That’s it, just one line nothing further. But unfortunately, it didn’t describe the vendor’s effort because this seems to be a good app for those looking for more in the Start Screen. They say a picture is worth than a thousand words, maybe these screenshots will help:


If eye-candy is your thing, and you’re unsatisfied with current Start Screen implementation from Microsoft, then this is what you need. It’s a free App, for now at least, so you can least give it a spin and see if its for you. Download via the Source Link.

Source: Windows Source