Here is something for us Parents with little ones. A curated app for YouTube Videos dedicated to Kids. You can comfortably hand your device to your kids and be sure they will not be watching YouTube garbage while in this app. The App is free in the Store with AD support. Following is the app description from the Store:

Powered by YouTube, KidsTube is a great interface for safe and clean viewing of videos for children. Parents no longer have to supervise what their children are viewing or what their children are searching for on Google’s YouTube.
With a simple user interface, your children can navigate and watch children’s videos for hours and hours. Content is updated every time you launch the application. Pin videos you like to the desktop for easy access.
The content is indexed and updated every time you lunch the application.
Pin the videos you like to the desktop for an easy access.
This app provides easy access to and additional functionality for YouTube videos. This app or its developers and publishers do not own and is not responsible for any video clips posted on YouTube. It is the responsibility of the application (app) user to abide by all relevant copyright laws.

Hours of  YouTube videos for picked especially for kids
Pin the videos you like to the desktop
Watch videos while you play/work in a the Snapped mode


The App is available for download via the following source link.

Source: Windows Store