Another day, another App. Here is NASA’s JPL releasing yet another app in the Store joining the Be A Martian App, and this time a dedicated App for the Mars Rover: Curiosity. I personally like this development as this meant we will be seeing dedicated apps for NASA wares on Mars and other parts of the Universe. Hey NASA, can we have one too for Vger, ahem, I meant Voyager 1 and 2? ;-)

Anyway, If you’ve been a Space bum like me and most of my friends you know who Curiosity is, he has been making waves since August this year on Mars. First with a Grand Entry, landing on rockets of fire, and already finding some strange objects. Ach, don’t take my word for it, just install this app and get the full details from NASA, and keep abreast of latest information too about this dear Robot. You said what I meant with ‘dear’? Well, I have personal vested interest in this robot because it took some names of earthlings to Mars and Yours truly’s name in on that list.

Here’s how JPL describes this app in the Store:

NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity, landed on Mars August 6th, 2012. Explore this amazing SUV-sized rover, and learn about the tools that it will use to explore the Martian landscape.

Explore NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity with touch or your mouse.
Learn about why Curiosity is a Mars Science Laboratory.
Share your love of exploration with your friends.


If you love Curiosity and will like to more about his robots mission, please download this app immediately via the Source.

Source: Windows Store